DanceSTRONG 2015 Awards
Top Marks – Groups
Bad Boyz DanceCo
Squad 2 Riverbend
Pop Goes the World DanceCo
Funk it Up DanceCo
Let Me Love You Riverbend
Suits Footworks
Wrecking Crew DanceCo
The Beat Riverbend
Heads Will Roll Dance Dynamics
A Day at the Circus Studio 89
Ya Ba Da Ba Doo Studio 89
To the Max Celtic Ceilidh
A Night at the Museum Riverbend
Terra do Sonos Emerge
Down Fell the Doves Diverse
Caliente DanceCo
Top Marks – Solos
Emily Muddle Riverbend
Alyssa Phan Abstract
Sage Jepson Emerge
Reagan Price DanceCo
Kallie Rozak Dance Dynamics
Morgan Dudas DanceCo
Sophie-Charlotte Connell Celtic Ceilidh
Jaclyn Buzak Celtic Ceilidh
Sophie Leitch Emerge
Gabrielle Garwasiuk Celtic Ceilidh
Kaley Dzik DanceCo
Risa Larmand DanceCo
Top Marks Duo/Trio
Boyz Will Be Boyz DanceCo
Lilla, Claire and Paige Riverbend
Mikayla and Taylor Abstract
Aaliyah and Autumn Abstract
Emily and Rebecca DanceCo
Christina, Kennedy, Olivia Abstract
Ashley and Payton Riverbend
Brooklynn and Angel Studio 89
Maia and Bronwyn Celtic Ceilidh
Brooklyn and Nevaeh Studio 89
Makayla and Sarah DanceCo
Georgia and Hailey Riverbend
Aaliah and Grace Riverbend
Risa, Megan and Jade DanceCo
Harbour Krysten Kress
Broadway Daniel Palladino
Chloe Hallworth
Full Fresh Kason Coughlan
Half Fresh Mara Larmand
Risa Larmand
Full Jump Treyvin Kinisky
Full Triple Threat Neveah Saidler
Full Nuvo Makayla Barwick
Idance Amy Xu
Megan Keeley
Tina Hertz-Kleptow
Alexandra Boucher-Carter
Jenna Rossmann
Dancer Palooza McKenna Kusmire
Amy Hallworth
Jersey Shaw
Tiana Beck
Matthew Baba
Mackenzie Feltham
Tyra Posty
Iviva Emily Dejong
Dance Teacher summit Stacey Bronsch
Wrecking Crew Caliente
Putting on the Ritz Fusion
The Beat Secrets
Somebody I Used to Know A Night at the Museum
Dear Future Husband Tyrant
Falling Slowly Breaking Point
Heads Will Roll Passing Moments
Crazy Stupid Love Terra do Sonos
Kick It On The Floor
Oh My My Because We Can Can
Beautiful Day Once More With Feeling
Overall Top Group of DanceSTRONG 2015
Core Putting On The Ritz Footworks
Competitive Fusion Celtic Ceilidh